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government collect taxes without injustice, they prosper, and
a gn'xl deal of money surely liows into the treasury." It is

* 0 ! K'nlnuray^ria. Justice is the means of increasing the prosperity
of ibe people ; un-1 the prosperity of the people is the source of wealth.
Jasnee, therefore, is the treasure-house of kings,'

Moreover, the Maharaja Parlksit who was crowned at the

commencement of the Kali age......conimedthe evils of the Kali

to certain places specially reserved for them, and ruled the
kingdom like Raima removing the fear of death, of thieves, and
of drought from the mind of the people so that they lived in
happiness until they reached their hundredth year. Similarly
Your Majesty should also govern the kingdom in accordance
with the dtiarma.

Rayavacaltam, pp. 17-28,

Krs$a,r5ya who heard attentively (the discourse» of Appaji
and others on political ethics, said :
" Isvara Xayadu, Narasimha Nayadu, and Vira Nara-
simharaya ruled the kingdom before this. So we desire now
to visit those kingdoms, forts, countries, strongholds, Visnu
shrines, sacred places, the estates of the subordinate chiefs,
and the frontiers (which are under our rule)/'
The ministers replied : " What Your Majesty is pleased
to say is very proper. One should tour the country ruled over
by one's ancestors. Nothing can be known if one remains
stationary in one place. Such being the case, it is necessary
that the people in the kingdom should know Your Majesty.
(Therefore, Your Majesty) should establish your glory by tour-
ing the kingdom in all directions, accompanied by the fourfold
army so as to create terror ia the mind of the enemies and the
subordinate chiefe,"